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Where to get married in Gerogia?


Public Hall in Tbilisi

Modern and unusual building in the heart of Tbilisi, was designed by the Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas. Public Hall is located on the bank of the river Mtkvari, exactly on the quay, and is designed in the style of bionic hi-tech. The structure of the building gives the impression that you are in the forest, between the huge giant mushrooms and trees. It is the world's largest service center, covering an area of 32 thousand square meters. In one space there are integrated more than 300 services, every day they serve on the average 15 thousand people. Inside the building there is a snow-white ceremonial hall for weddings. In the same building you can immediately order an apostille for the marriage certificate.

Sighnaghi - the town of lovers

Small, romantic and cozy town in Eastern Georgia. With it's appearance and atmosphere it reminds a town in southern Italy: narrow streets cobbled with stone, exquisite sculptures, old two-storey brick houses with a bright red tile roof and green picturesque landscapes. The town is located on a hill with stunning views of the Alazani Valley. At any time of the year the views are amazing with its beauty. Here is also a Sighnaghi city fortress, the walls of it go far beyond the town limits. In Sighnaghi are many cozy places, outdoor cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy the taste of the famous Kakheti homemade wines. It is an ideal place for a wedding ceremony and walking with a photo session. Wedding House is located in the central square. Here you can get married 7 days a week.

Wedding in Sighnaghi
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It's very ancient and holy city, the first capital of Georgia, here for the first time was accepted Christianity. "Town is located at fifty leagues from Araratthe - mountains to which landed after the flood Noah's Ark!»  Here you can find three historical monuments: Samtavro Monastery, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and Bebristsihe fortress. Actually, Mtskheta is a small cozy town at the merge of two rivers with spectacular mountain views. Streets are also cobbled with stone blocks, as in Sighnaghi, and all houses - are small one-story buildings with red tiles. All the architecture are made of stone and wood. Here is a large amount of souvenir shops with a huge variety of sweet-stuff, decorations and small joyful things. If you're getting up to the monastery Jvari, you will be pleasantly shocked with the views on the merge of two rivers, and almost on all Mtskheta.


Incredibly beautiful place at the foot of magnificent Mount Kazbek. Kazbegi village is located on a picturesque place: around are the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus, at the foot of the village flows the river Terek, and beyond the village one can see wonderful deciduous and coniferous forests. The combination of all these natural phenomena makes the heart beat faster. This place fantastic during the whole day and on the sunset too. Here you can enjoy nature in it's full perfection. This place attracts climbers, paragliders and just nature lovers. Not far from the village, high in the mountains, lies the settlement of Gergeti, it offers an even more spectacular view on the whole valley and the mountains of the Caucasus. There is Gergeti Trinity Church, which stands on the altitude 2170 meters above sea level. If you visit this place with your sweetheart, you'll dream to come back here again. You will also be surprised by the original design of Public Hall in Kazbegi.

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Wedding in Batumi
Wedding in Batumi
Wedding in Batumi
Wedding in Batumi


This city is the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara and the main tourist center of modern Georgia. Some people call this city "Second Las Vegas": skyscrapers, casinos, musical fountains, 5 star Hotels, bars, restaurants and millions of lights. The city attracts by the colorful, carefree and modern life. If you get to the highest point, you'll be surprised by the view: the coast of the blue sea merges with the snow-capped mountains. And all this beauty can be seen during drinking champagne on the terrace of the elegant hotel room. This city is ideal for a modern and at the same time romantic wedding. There is Public Hall in Batumi too, it's located directly in front of the musical fountain. It was built in a modern style: in the form of an inverted bottle that gleams at night with red, green and blue lights.



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