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Why do you have to choose country Georgia for marriage?

Wedding in Georgia
Fast and easy

    Why choose Georgia for marriage? I and my husband had chosen Georgia to get married in Tbilisi very spontaneously. The first reason was the simplicity of documents registration, and the other one - we don't have to make any visa to get into country Georgia. So we could easly choose any date for our wedding, take our passports, get on a plane and on the same day get married. It was the first thing that attracted us. The next thing that surprised us is that we don't have to make a pre-filing to the registry office. Just like in Las Vegas: come and get married. So, there was no need to make a visa, either to me or to my husband, no need to send any application forms, we didn't have to prepare any documents. All quickly and very simple. If you are a foreigner (from Ukraine, Israel, Russia, Moldova, Turkey, Byelorussia) and you want to get marriage in Georgia, you only need 2 passports, 2 witness.

    It's important to have a person who knows the Georgian and Russian languages if you plan to get married. The reason is that translation of documents from Russian into Georgian is difficult and translators often make mistakes, especially if you have a complicated surname or name. We met with this problem, so we visited the notary twice.

     You can registrate your marriage in country Georgia anywhere. You can choose among new places in modern style and historical places in which lives the spirit of romance. Very interesting place - the town of lovers, where you can get married at any day of the week. The whole process of pre-filing and preparing documents takes approximately 2-7 hours. You have an opportunity to enjoy the moment and take some photos, while a girl will be entering the information into the database. By the way, a marriage certificate is very nice and has ribbon and a bow. But you wouldn't understand anything that are written there, it has it's own romantic.

    Eventually you can very quickly and easily get marriage in Georgia. Wedding in Georgia directly from Israel, or from any other country - is an excellent solution of the marriage problem. The Georgian government has done everything possible to open the doors for couples from abroad.

Wedding in Georgia
Wedding in Georgia

    Honestly, I did not expect, that I would like Georgia so much. This country has it's own spirit and a fantastic atmosphere wich you feel after the first few minutes of being there. All due to the combination of an incredibly beautiful nature, the colorful architecture, rich cuisine and friendly Georgians. All this things intertwined together and born the perfect place for love.
    Wherever you go, you always meet a breathtaking mountain views. The combination of green, blue sky, bright colors and the snowy peaks evoke the feeling of admiration. When you see it with your own eyes, awaken a desire to capture all these beauty by a camera. You realy want to take away all the memories in your pocket. If you'll decide to go traveling across Georgia, better do it by car, or even better - by car-cabriolet, so you can enjoy the scenery and just have fun.

    Georgia will also excite you with it's beautiful and colorful architecture, which keeps all the traditions of the Georgian people. Most often you will meet 2-4 storey houses with red tiles, carved wooden balconies and windows. You will walk throug narrow streets and constantly meet some unusual things: vases, flowers, mirrors, paintings, inscriptions, figurines ... Exactly in these surprises you will be able to discover Georgia, in these little things lives all romance.

    Walking through cities and countrysides you'll meet a lot of church's domes, that will overtop between green trees and will remind you that Georgia is religious country.

Wedding in Georgia
Wedding in country Georgia

    What is so unusual about the trip to Georgia? Well, firstly, the idea to fly and get married in Georgia - this is something new. I think that very few of your friends registered their marriage in this country. Ofcourse, only if they are not residents of Georgia. But it's not the only reason. The case in the country itself, in its fast tempo of development and transformation. It would seem that you fly to the country with ancient architecture and old traditions, but, in fact, you partly get to the modern world. This is probably the first country where I liked the combination of historic architecture and buildings in hi-tech design. Someone may not like it, but I was excited and surprised by such architectural solutions. In such surroundings Georgia is even more amazing and fabulous.Enough to see the Public Hall in Tbilisi, which has the form of mushrooms bunch, and where is located the biggest service center in the world. This is where I and my husband got married. If you have time to visit Batumi, you'll be even more surprised when you meet the new Las Vegas.

Wedding in Georgia

    The trip to Georgia is currently available for the majority of Israel residents because there is no need to do visa and there are regular flights from Israel to Georgia. Registration of marriage in Georgia - is a matter of one day. So, you can fly out on Thursday night and come back with a certificate of marriage already on Saturday. The wedding tour has a reasonable price, you can verify it in our services.


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