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Documents for marriage registration in Georgia

   Georgia is one of the few countries where you can get married very easily and quickly. At the same time, it doesn’t matter what your country of origin or religion is. If it is your both first marriage, you need only your passports to apply documents for marriage registration (just check the requirements for translation). You don’t need to provide the certificates of your marital status. When you apply for marriage registration you just say that it is your first marriage.

   If you have a common child (not a child from a previous marriage, but your common biological child) you need to provide his/her birth certificate, where father's and mother's names are written. This information will be added to the data base of Georgia (not to the marriage certificate). This is a prerequisite.

   If one of the newlyweds or both are divorced, they need to prepare the divorce certificates, or the divorce decree from court, or certificate of marital status, where will be written the family status - divorced. The requirements to a divorce document depend on the country where the document was issued. If it is a marital status, it has a validity period (usually 3 months). Documents must be originals (not photocopies) with stamps and signs.

   I must say that Georgia does not accept bigamy, so if a spouse is married (in another country), it is forbidden to get married in Georgia until the first marriage is dissolved.

   If one of the spouses is a widow/widower, he/she needs to provide two documents: a marriage certificate and a death certificate. Please note, that surnames and first names are the same in both documents.

   All documents that you prepare for marriage registration have to be legal in Georgia. For this purpose birth, divorce, death certificates, divorce decree (and other documents) have to be legalized in the country of issue (if this country is a party of the Hague Convention) by a special seal - the Apostille. If the documents were issued in a country that is not a party of the Hague Convention (for example, Canada), then document must be stamped in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Canada), and then in Embassy of Georgia (embassy should be located in Canada).​

   For those couples who provide documents and certificates from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus, applies a simplified scheme. They do not have to legalize their documents with Apostille or stamp of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

   All the documents must be notary translated to Georgian language. It is very important to make translation correctly. If you make a mistake, you wouldn’t be able to apply for marriage registration. Even worse, if your documents would be accepted with a mistake and incorrectly written name, surname or date of birth. Then, after receiving a marriage certificate on Georgian language, you wouldn't be able to make a right translation on your native language. You would have to make an application in Public Hall to make changes in data base, and than you will receive a new marriage certificate. This process will take about a week.

  You need to be attentive and strictly follow all the requirements to the documents, then everything will be ok!


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